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Hazardous waste training is mandatory for industries within certain waste generation categories.  A successful hazardous waste program requires all employees who have any responsibility for the management and disposal of hazardous or other regulated waste be knowledgeable of both state and federal regulations. Each year Washington State Department of Ecology levies hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to Washington State business and citizens who violated state regulations.  Many of these fines could have been avoided or reduced if employees had received hazardous waste management training.  Please see our current selection of trainings.  We are continually adding new classes to our list, but if you are interested in a training not listed, please contact us.  In addition to scheduled classes we can provide private training for your company.     


Hazardous Waste Training

Providing safety training is one of the greatest responsibilities an employer has, and it’s crucial in preventing on-the-job accidents. Effective training can reduce production loss and minimize fines, but more importantly, it can decrease the risk of worker injuries and deaths.  Coulee Environmental Safety Training offers various hazardous materials training topics as required by OSHA/Washington State Department of Labor and Industry.  We conduct regularly scheduled classes; however, we can also offer training at your facility.  If you are interested in private training or would like us to develop or amend a training program for your facility please contact us at info@wasteandsafety.com  

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