Consulting Services: Environmental Health and Safety Consulting



Coulee Environmental Safety Training offers environmental health and safety consulting services in the areas of compliance, waste management, permitting, and sampling. Our staff has a great deal of experience conducting environmental assessments, hazardous waste analysis, compliance monitoring, and toxicity investigations. Our environmental health and safety consultants can provide technical support for environmental regulatory programs and prevention and control programs in the state of Washington. Coulee’s consulting team has worked on international, national, and local projects. We understand state and federal environmental and hazardous waste regulatory framework and the appropriate application of these rules to real world problems. We have experience undertaking environmental compliance projects ranging from ongoing compliance monitoring to complex issues requiring multidisciplinary solutions.    

We pride ourselves on our effective communications skills, the ability to build and maintain trusting relationships, and an ability to obtain consensus-based decisions from various stakeholders. Let us help you solve your environmental issues or fill in any gaps in your company’s environmental department. Whether it is a onetime need or an ongoing compliance issue, Coulee is your local Washington State environmental health and safety consultant, providing high-quality service.



Coulee Environmental Safety Training works with you to achieve your company’s health and safety goals. We are here to work with your team to bring your company into compliance with relevant state and federal safety regulations. Our goal is to increase overall safety awareness for your employees and decrease accident rates by educating your workforce. Our environmental health and safety consulting services will find practicable and achievable solutions for your organization.  

Our expert team will listen to your needs and concerns and work with you to achieve your health and safety goals. Whether it is helping you implement an existing health and safety program or developing a new one, our environmental health and safety consultants can identify effective solutions and strategies for your Washington state facility. We can help you improve your safety performance and achieve compliance with the required regulations.  


Industrial Hygiene

Coulee Environmental Safety Training's environmental safety consulting services can ensure your programs comply with relevant regulations or permit requirements.  In addition to these services, we are able to provide many common industrial hygiene services. We offer qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing, laboratory fume hood testing, air monitoring, chemical hygiene programs, and industrial hygiene surveys.