Environmental Health and Safety Compliance

Environmental health and safety compliance is crucial for your facility. As experts in this field, we understand how challenging it can be to keep your facility on track. We compiled quality resources to help you stay informed on industry news and the latest EHS compliance tips. Read about Washington State regulations and federal requirements by browsing through these authoritative articles.

Safety Compliance

If your employees encounter life-threatening risks or routine chemical exposure, you have a legal responsibility to protect them. At Coulee, our training and consulting services can help you determine your facility’s biggest risk factors and teach you how to consistently monitor working conditions. However, you can supplement your training or learn the basics with our safety and compliance resources. 

In these articles, you’ll learn about some of the most common violations and how to address them. You can also get the most recent updates to state and federal safety regulations. Check out our safety compliance training materials below. 

Papers on Industrial Safety Topics

Environmental Compliance

As important as it is to protect your employees, it is equally important to ensure your facility’s operations do not harm the environment. Your waste management disposal process should factor in potential environmental consequences and strategically address them. Our experienced team can help you evaluate your procedures, but these resources can be a great way to build on what you learn. 

Use these articles, checklists, and tables to help you keep up with the latest industry requirements and regulations. Continuous education is important to your environmental safety program’s success. 

Papers on Environmental Compliance and Waste Management

If you learn better with audiovisual resources, check out our videos below. These instructional presentations demonstrate waste designation requirements and offer the latest changes to Washington State environmental regulations. These EHS compliance tips will help you better regulate your facility’s safety protocols.  


November 2017 LEPC Presentation on the upcoming changes to Washington State's dangerous waste regulations.

Waste Designation Part 1 - Characteristic Waste

Waste Designation Part 2 - Listed Waste

Waste Designation Part 3 - Designating Washington State Dangerous Waste: Book Method

GHS Compliant Portable Container Labeling

To Test or Not to Test (Fish Testing Dangerous Waste vs Book Designation)

A video presentation of the new Respirable Crystalline Silica Rule.

Changes to Confined Space Rules